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From Surviving to Thriving - take your baking business to the next level

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Listen up cake business owners - established and wannabees...

Are you full of artistic skill but have no business will?

Do you have a bill-paying day job and run a side-hustle that you dream of being your only job?

Are you a hobby baker looking to launch your own business?

Have you ever asked yourself...

Where do I start?

Can I really pay the bills doing something I love?

How do I find new clients that will pay what I’m worth?

How much should I be charging?

Should I have asked for a deposit?

How do I stop chasing the cakes I hate and do more of the cakes I love?

Do I really have to use social media?

Who can I ask for help?

Why is there SO MUCH ADMIN??

Shouldn’t running my own business be fun?  It’s more overwhelming than my old job.

How can I juggle family life and my business?

Why do I feel like my business is running me?

Do I have to give a discount or refund because the customer is not happy?

Why am I not making a profit?

you are not alone!

Every small business has to start somewhere.  And most are born from a passion to do great things.  If most people stopped to think about what running their own business really means, they'd never even start.

I won't lie.  It's tough.  And can be a lonely place.   It can take months - or even years to build a business that makes a profit.  But if you have a helping hand from a friendly community of like-minded people, you can make that leap from Surviving to Thriving and build your dream business.

If you are...

snowed under with the admin of starting or running a business

tired of dropping your prices just to get an order

struggling to find clients that will pay a fair price

wondering how to price your products

overwhelmed by being visible on social platforms

feeling a bit lost and alone

wondering why you're even bothering

glued to your phone whilst doing chores just to get stuff done

then join The Bakers Dozen Club today


Hosted by Rebecca Cook
Founder & CEO at Becca's Bouqcakes, Mrs Cook's Cake Academy and The Busy Mum's Academy

Join Rebecca - Cake Artist, Business Woman and mum (in no particular order - for Bakers' Dozen a focussed course to help you launch your successful baking business, or take your existing business from surviving to thriving.

Why choose this course?

As a working mum who took her hobby from the kitchen table to a multi five-figure business Rebecca has learned a lot about success - and failure along the way.  This no-nonsense course help you work out what you need start doing - and stop doing - to take your business from surviving.

With the internet awash with advice on how to run your business, it's often hard to know where to find concise and trusted information.  The Bakers Dozen Club is a supportive community of new and experienced bakers and business owners who will help you navigate your way through turning your side hustle into your dream.

Over the course of thirteen snappy modules, we'll work through the need to know aspects of the cake business world.

Once complete, the community will be there as an enduring support to share your successes. 

What's included?

The 13 modules will include

Nail your niche - do more of what you love

The PRICE model - how to charge your worth

Customer relations - how to keep YOU and the customer happy

Social Media SOS - do I reely* have to do reels?

Think like a CEO - run your business, don't let it run you

and much, much more

(*see what we did there?)

And you'll also get

One to one support

Proven templates to help you plan your way to success

Guest speakers from the cake industry who have been in your shoes

Access to the Bakers Dozen Club Lounge


BONUS personalised one to one 'Surviving to Thriving - the flour power hour' worth £55

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