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Early in Rebecca’s career, her boss at the time said to her that he’d had a vision that one day she’d become a successful business woman, zipping around town in a smart convertible car and deliver a keynote speech to rapturous applause. 


At the time, she was learning the ropes as a software developer – a left-field choice for someone who had just completed four years of study to qualify as a primary school teacher - and this dream seemed somewhat unattainable.

Fast forward twenty years – and although the keynote speech is still being drafted – the other two elements have been checked off the list.  Following roles as a business analyst, project manager and development coach, Rebecca inadvertently started her own successful cake business three years ago.

As is often the case, the business started out as little more than a hobby for the first couple of years, but Rebecca realised during lockdown that if this ‘side hustle’ was going to be a success, she needed to apply not only skills that she’d learnt from leading experts in the cake industry but also those from her mortgage-paying job.

Within six months, the business had gone from break-even to delivering a five figure profit – all driven by a passion for creating beautiful, artisan cupcakes.  This naturally led to opportunities working with others teaching both the art of cake craft; and coaching young entrepreneurs and small business owners to develop their business dreams into profitable reality using the same model Rebecca has used for her own success.


When she’s not busy being awesome, Rebecca can be found being the imperfect corporate wife, mum to a T1D warrior and dragged round the countryside by the family’s beloved Brittany spaniel, Winston.  And if anyone is looking for a keynote speaker, feel free to drop her a line – she might just have time to squeeze you in.

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