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All sales made by Becca's Bouqcakes (also trading as Becca's Bouqcakes by The Ladybird Cakery and Mrs Cook's Cake Academy - hereafter referred to as Becca's Bouqcakes) are subject to the following terms and conditions.

Nothing contained within these terms and conditions affects your statutory rights as a consumer.


CAKE ORDERS (jump to Course Bookings)


Any samples, drawings or descriptions we issue and any descriptions or illustrations contained on our website are issued solely to provide you with an approximate idea of the cakes they describe and remain the property of The Becca's Bouqcakes.


The price for the order shall be stated on your quote. The customer is supplied with a copy of the terms and conditions of business at this point. 

Quotes will only be issued via email as a pdf file.  All orders must be confirmed by return email and must be accompanied by the booking fee as outlined on the quote.

Quotations are valid for a period of 7 calendar days from the day of issue, however your date is not guaranteed until the booking fee is paid.  Should another customer request the same date and make payment before you do, this may put your booking at risk.


When the customer has checked the quote and confirmed the cake details are correct a booking can be made. Placing a booking is agreement from the customer to accept the terms and conditions of business as stated in this document and found on the Becca's Bouqcakes website.  No contract is made with you until we have received your booking fee.  Once your booking fee has been received you are in a legally binding contract with Becca's Bouqcakes.


All cupcake and bouqcake orders require payment in full at the time of booking.  Your quote will be valid for seven days from issue and payment must be made at latest by that date in order to reserve your requested date.

All wedding cake orders require a non – refundable booking fee of 25% of the total cost.

All other cake orders require a non – refundable booking fee of 50% but not less than £25.00 unless the total value of the order is less than £25.00 in which case, full payment is required for the booking fee

Please note that all booking fees are non – refundable and non – transferable

All booking fees become due when the order has been placed.

In the event that a quote is given with less than seven days before collection/delivery then the payment is due within 24 hours of the quote being issued.

All orders are deemed to have been accepted by Becca's Bouqcakes only when the booking fee has been paid.

The booking fee must be paid within seven days of the quote being issued or the preferred delivery date will not be held and will be made available for other customers to book.  All confirmations are via email.


Where an order is placed for Valentine's Day, Mothering Sunday, Easter, Father's Day or Christmas, full payment is required within three days of a quote being issued otherwise the booking slot will be offered to another customer.  As the delivery date for these events may vary due to the lunar calendar, this applies to all orders that fall within three days either side of the named occasion e.g. for Valentine's day this applies to ANY order between 11th and 16th February or for Easter, this applies to ANY order three days before Good Friday or after Easter Monday)


Where a special offer is made, full and cleared payment is required within a given period stated on the offer page. If full payment is not made and cleared within the specified period then the offer is invalidated.  Any subsequent amendment or cancellation is subject to the usual terms as outlined below.


Payments may be made by:

  • Cash

  • BACS payment

  • Becca's Bouqcakes Gift Voucher

  • Debit or credit card - this attracts a 3.5% fee for the transaction


Final payment for all wedding cakes must be made at least 30 days prior to delivery/collection.

Final payments for all other orders must be made at least 10 days prior to delivery/collection.

The balance must be paid in cleared monies no later than the date set out in the order confirmation by bank transfer to the account specified, cash or payment by debit or credit card via the online invoicing system. If paying by bank transfer please allow 2 working days for payment to clear. Late payments will incur a £25 charge.

If payment is not received by the date specified this shall be constituted as breach of contract by the client. We reserve the right to hold the order until payment is made in full. When payment is late we accept no responsibility should we be unable to purchase the required stock or equipment to make the cake as laid out in the order confirmation. In these circumstances the cake will be made as close to the order confirmation as possible with no redress or liability on Becca's Bouqcakes.


In the event of non –payment, the order will not be completed or released, until payment is made in full.

Subsequent completion of the order will be subject to availability and cannot be guaranteed.

Becca's Bouqcakes accepts no responsibility for any loss (howsoever caused) or non – delivery under these circumstances.

The customer will be responsible for the payment of any additional charges which have been incurred as a result of payment failure.


Your cake is very important to me. Please take the time to check your copy of the order form carefully and let me know within three days if changes are needed. It is your responsibility to advise Becca's Bouqcakes of any alterations to the original order.

Becca's Bouqcakes reserves the right to increase a quoted fee in the event that the Customer requests a variation to the work agreed. Whilst every effort will be made to assist Customers, please note that late changes cannot always be guaranteed.

All changes to orders must be agreed in writing.


Orders made less than two weeks before the due date will incur a 10% surcharge.  Full payment will be required within 24 hours of an invoice being issued to secure your chosen slot.


Wedding cake or special order cancellations:

As your wedding cake and/or special order booking is reserved solely for you and certain components for your cake/s may be ordered months in advance, the following conditions are implemented when an order is cancelled:

  • 90 or more calendar days from delivery date – the booking fee will not be refunded - any other monies paid will be returned

  • 31 to 60 calendar days from delivery date – 75% of the total cost will be payable

  • 0 to 30 calendar days from delivery date - 100% of the total cost will be payable

  • Wedding cake/special order cancellations must be made in writing


Cupcake and bouqcake order cancellations

The following conditions are implemented when an order is cancelled:

  • 10 or more calendar days from delivery date – 75% of the paid balance will be refunded

  • 4 to 9 calendar days from delivery date- credit note will be issued to the value of the product

  • 0 to 3 calendar days from delivery date - no refund will be issued.

Please note that where any custom items are ordered such as cake toppers, the cost of these will be deducted from the value of any refund regardless of the date of notification of cancellation.  This is due to us having to order custom components often weeks in advance due to supplier lead times. 

All cancellations must be made in writing via email and the date will be based on the date/time the email was sent.  Social media messages will not be accepted.

Request to transfer dates

Wherever possible, we will try to accommodate date transfers, however this may not be possible as we are incredibly busy and often booked months in advance - particularly for dates around special celebrations such as Mother's day, Father's day, Easter and Christmas.  If we are unable to change your booking to your new date, then the cancellation policy will apply.

Other cake order cancellations:

Full payment is required if cancellation is within 10 calendar days of delivery date.  Prior to this a refund of any monies paid, less booking fee and transaction fees (for debit or credit card payments), will be paid. 

In the unlikely event that we need to cancel, we will contact you as soon as possible.  If possible, we will identify another cake maker who can fulfil your order if you should choose. If there is written agreement from all parties to transfer the order from Becca's Bouqcakes to another cake maker, once the balance transfer is made,  their Terms and Conditions of sale will apply and Becca's Bouqcakes has no further liability for consequential loss.  Alternatively, you may choose to terminate your order any monies paid will be refunded.  If bespoke items have been purchased, these will be retained by Becca's Bouqcakes or can be purchased by the client at the prevailing price. 


We warrant that on delivery or collection the Cakes shall conform to their description as set out in the Order Confirmation, be of satisfactory quality and comply with all food safety, statutory and regulatory requirements in the UK. We will not be held responsible for customer disappointment of the design or the interpretation of the cake as long as it is made in line with the customer’s pre agreed requirements set out in the order confirmation and will face no consequent liability. It is the customer's responsibility to ensure all details within the order confirmation and sketch are correct and meet their exact requirements.

The warranty does not apply to any defect in the Cakes arising from wilful damage, accident, negligence by you or any third party, if you use the cake in a way we do not recommend, your failure to follow our instructions or any alterations you carry out.

The cake is a fresh product containing no additives or preservatives and it is our right to assume consumption on the day requested. Cakes should be stored in a cool, dry place, ideally at room temperature (no more than 20C if possible), away from direct sunlight and sources of heat in the box provided. They should NOT be refrigerated.

Becca's Bouqcakes  and the customer expressly agree that the cakes and all goods purchased from Becca's Bouqcakes remain the property of Becca's Bouqcakes until paid for in full.


Customers have the opportunity to submit images prior to the quote being made.  Such images can be hand-drawn or shared from a public source such as the internet.  Becca's Bouqcakes cannot make exact copies of submitted images due to copyright laws (particularly relating to cartoon characters) and availability of materials - many images we are sent are from Pinterest or other sites that use products not available in the UK, however every effort will be made to deliver a cake that is in the style of the customer's requirements.  The customer should carefully check the quote before payment of the booking fee to ensure the design is agreeable.

With specific regards to bouqcakes, we aim to replicate as near to the design as possible, however colour variations may occur due to the nature of the materials being worked with.  We reserve the right to modify the design or presentation materials (e.g. bows, tissue paper etc) based on product availability without consulting the customer.  Should a major change be required, we will consult with the customer prior to production.

All designs and intellectual property rights remain the property of Becca's Bouqcakes.  We reserve the right to use images of your cake for any form of advertising including web-based promotions, brochures, galleries and competitions.


From time to time some materials for our celebration cakes and wedding cakes may become obsolete or no longer available from our suppliers, for example, pre-manufactured items or ribbon colours. This is totally out of our control, though we will endeavour to re-design a cake to reflect as closely as possible the original design using replacement products. In all cases we will try to contact you to advise you of any such changes. However, Becca's Bouqcakes, reserves the right to replace these with components of equal or better quality without consultation.

Please note that some cakes may require the use of additional items to support complex structures.  Whilst these items will be food-safe, they may not always be edible.  You will be advised in the delivery note of any items to take care with.


Collection is strictly between 9am and 10am on weekends.  On weekdays, the collection time is by individual arrangement.  The agreed collection time must be confirmed at least 48 hours in advance and will be confirmed in writing.   Failure to collect within 30 minutes of the agreed collection time will result in an additional charge of £10 for each 30 minute delay or withholding the release of the order.

On collection, guidance on the safe transportation and storage of the cake will be advised.  It is the Customer’s responsibility to transport the cake in a safe manner.  Becca's Bouqcakes accepts no responsibility for loss incurred should the customer damage the cake during transportation or through incorrect storage.

Should you be ordering for a special event - such as a wedding - then our recommendation is that the order is delivered by us directly to the venue and set up on your behalf to reduce any risks of incorrect transportation or storage.

If the order is not collected within 24 hours of the agreed collection time, Becca's Bouqcakes reserves the right to dispose of the component parts of the order in any way it sees fit.


Delivery is available on weekends only for orders in excess of £150 (excluding delivery charge) and subject to availability.  The full delivery address and a contact name and phone number must be provided at the time of booking.  It is the customer's responsibility to provide this information and the Becca's Bouqcakes is not responsible for obtaining any incorrect or missing information relating to the delivery address or recipient. Delivery is charged at 50p per mile (round trip) from Becca's Bouqcakes in Frampton Cotterell.  Where the trip is in excess of 10 miles (round trip), an additional hour will be added to the delivery cost up to a total of 20 miles round trip.  Charges for delivery in excess of 20 miles will be quoted on an individual basis.  Distances are measured using Google Maps on the fastest route. All delivery times are subject to availability. If you have a specific delivery date and require delivery before a given time, please specify this when placing your order. We will do our best to accommodate your requirements. It is the Customer’s responsibility to ensure Becca's Bouqcakes has been given the correct delivery information, and that someone is available to receive your cake.  If there is no answer at the delivery point at the agreed date/time, the Customer is then responsible for arranging collection from Becca's Bouqcakes at an agreed time or a redelivery charge will apply.  All orders where delivery is requested must provide a mobile phone number - either for the recipient or the original customer or the booking will not be accepted. Due to the delicate nature of the cakes, it is not possible to leave anything with a neighbour or in a secure location.  For wedding cakes and other celebration cakes that are left in the care of a venue, a signature will be required.  Becca's Bouqcakes accepts no responsibility for any loss or consequential loss incurred by the Customer as a result, e.g. a wedding without a wedding cake.


Whilst every care is taken with the creation of your cake, it is not always possible to protect against unforeseen weather conditions.  If hot weather is forecast, it may be necessary to adapt recipes to make them more heat-stable.  For example, using chocolate ganache instead of buttercream under a fondant covered cake, or using royal icing sugar in buttercream to make it more heat stable.  Should such changes be necessary, Becca's Bouqcakes reserves the right to not have to notify the customer prior to the change being made unless a previous allergy or intolerance has been declared at the time of booking.

At the time of collection, Becca's Bouqcakes will make recommendations for storage but it is the customer's own responsibility to transport and store the cake appropriately.  Fondant cakes should be kept in a cool place out of sunlight.  If placed in a refrigerator, the fondant will 'sweat' when brought back to room temperature, giving a wet look and texture to the fondant.  Whilst this will not affect the quality of the cake, it is done so at the customer's own risks.  Buttercream- or ganache-only cakes can be refrigerated but if on a fondant covered board, please be aware that the fondant will 'sweat' when returned to room temperature.

Please also be aware that any decorations placed in the refrigerator may degrade due to the extreme temperature change.  Becca's Bouqcakes cannot be held responsible for any such deterioration but will advise on the best course of action for the storage of the cake and decorations on delivery.

In the event that you are unhappy:

In the event that you are not entirely happy with your cake, please contact Becca's Bouqcakes on the day of delivery via or by calling to discuss options for rectification.  Rectification can only be made on return of the cake to Becca's Bouqcakes in its original packaging.  Becca's Bouqcakes will then review the returned cake and may make a discretionary gesture of goodwill based on the condition of the cake.

Complaints are very rare and due to the amount of work put into each individual cake we take them very seriously. Any issues must be bought to our attention with 48 hours on collection or delivery to give fair opportunity to assess the nature of the complaint.

Both Parties agree to not post any negative information about the other arising out of this Contract or Event on any online forum or website without providing advance written notice of the intended content thereof, and providing the other party with a prior opportunity to resolve any issues between the parties amicably.

Complaints regarding the decoration of celebration cake can be easily repaired so errors of this nature must be pointed out upon delivery/collection so as to give us the opportunity to correct them.


Once payment has been handed over this confirms that decoration is as requested and no further claims can be made. Wedding cake clients will be sent a detailed sketch of their wedding cake prior to the wedding. It is the client's responsibility to check that this meets with their requirements and raise any issues with us if there are any discrepancies.

Where the complaint is in regards to the quality of the cake then the cake, or remainder of the cake/tier, must be returned to us as soon as possible after cutting and within 48 hours of collection/delivery to ensure that we are able to fairly assess the nature of the complaint.

Please note we can only deal with the client who placed the original order.


From time to time, we may run a special offer such as a giveaway, bonus or discount.  Whilst we will endeavour to honour all offers in a suitable time frame, please bear in mind that my baking availability may be limited due to other orders.

Where an item is provided completely free (e.g. the cupcake giveaway) it will be presented and packaged in a manner suitable for delivery however if you wish to upgrade any elements, these may be chargeable. 

Only one offer is valid per individual order.  If multiple offers are running the customer must state which offer they wish to take up and the selected offer will be confirmed on the booking confirmation - subject to payment of the booking fee.  No cash alternative is available.

For more details of current special offers, please click here.


We support many charities in our personal lives and occasionally donate cakes to events that we are personally involved in. 


You can either subscribe to the mailing list via this link or by mailing  We will contact you by email no more than twice a month to update you on things going on at Becca's Bouqcakes or with special offers that may not be available through the website or our social media pages  Please see the Data Privacy page for details of how your data will be held and used.



Becca's Bouqcakes respects that there are certain intolerances in certain people.


Taking this in to consideration, we can offer nut free, dairy free, lactose free and gluten free cakes and cupcakes in particular flavours.

Please be aware that whilst your chosen cake may not be made with nuts or a nut product, egg, dairy wheat or gluten, it will be prepared in a kitchen where nut products, eggs, diary, wheat and gluten are heavily used. Whilst every effort is made to separate raw materials Becca's Bouqcakes must state that raw materials used in your cake may not be free from nuts, eggs dairy, wheat or gluten.


Therefore, Becca's Bouqcakes cannot guarantee that they will be suitable for people with ALLERGIES. These cakes will be suitable for those with INTOLERANCES.  Please note that Becca's Bouqcakes gluten free cakes are not suitable for Coeliacs.

So please, if you have a request for a special dietary requirement, keep Becca's Bouqcakes in mind for your next occasion.



From this point onwards, all vouchers (gift and course) will be referred to as vouchers.

Vouchers are valid for 24 months from the date of purchase - or if purchased for a specific named course, for that course instance only.  Vouchers are available in denominations of £25 with a £25 minimum.  Vouchers can only be used in a single transaction; and cannot be exchanged for cash.  No change or refund will be given.  Vouchers may be used for goods or services of a higher value, on payment of the difference.  Vouchers will not be replaced when damaged, lost or stolen.  Vouchers will be subject to verification at the time of presentation - and if the booking is made remotely, an email will be sent from Becca's Bouqcakes to the voucher holder confirming the voucher's use.  In the event of any dispute, the decision of Becca's Bouqcakes is final. 



We aim to dispatch all orders within three working days of the order being placed.  If you are in a hurry for an item, please contact us before completing your purchase.  Ordinarily orders are dispatched faster than this.

We use a variety of carriers based on the size of your order.  Due to the sizing restrictions for a small package sent via Royal Mail, even though it may go through your letter box, they do charge these as small parcels, which attact a higher charge.  Therefore we will use alternative carriers based on the best combination of dimensions and delivery times.

International Orders

Please note that as of 1st April 2022, we are no longer accepting international orders for physical products.  We are sorry for any inconvenience this causes, however we have been let down multiple times by various carriers and the costs of shipping with some carriers are now prohibitively expensive to ensure a good service.


Products to countries outside the UK may be subject to import duty, taxes and any other State, Federal or National charges which may be imposed in the destination country all of which shall be the sole responsibility of the purchaser to pay and indemnify Becca's Bouqcakes from all such charges and any consequential costs and responsibility. We would suggest that you contact the relevant authorities in the destination country for locally specific information. Becca’s Bouqcakes shall not be responsible for any charges that may be levied due to circumstances beyond our control such as customs exam fees or any other charges outside the normal remit of Becca’s Bouqcakes. These charges apply to all Becca’s Bouqcakes products unless specifically excepted, in the Company’s website and/or any other sales literature and offer notifications.


Online courses

We have a number of tutorials that are available for purchase on our website.  These videos can be downloaded and saved to your personal device for your own personal use and should not be shared.  You will be required to register with our website to enable the content to be downloaded.  You should download the file as soon as you are able and we guarantee the video will remain available to you for at least one year from your purchase date.  Should we take the decision to remove the course from sale, move internet providers or seek to close the website, we will contact purchasers to ensure they have access to the content by an alternative solution.


Should we find the content shared online anywhere publicly, we will take legal action against the person who purchased and shared the content.


In person classes

We will hold in person classes at venues in and around Bristol and will publish availability and accessibility details on our website and social media channels. 


Details of each individual class will be made available on our website when the class is open for booking.  The website will describe at a high level the skills to be learnt, the venue, the start time and estimated length of the class and what you will be creating to take away.  All equipment used will remain property of Becca's Bouqcakes.  We will also provide you the opportunity to purchase the items used for the course to allow you to continue practising at home at a discounted price.

To reserve a date, full payment must be made within 48 hours of invoice or the place will be made available for resale and we will not be able to guarantee the space will continue to be available for your date.  You must also provide both a valid email address and mobile phone number to allow us to contact you with details of the course arrangements.

Classes are currently available for adults (15+ years) and young people (11-14 years old).  We do not currently offer any options for children under the age of 11 and are not able to accommodate children accompanied by parents.  i do have a DBS check so you're safe to leave your young people with us.

Classes will start promptly and if you miss more than the first twenty minutes of a session, we will be unable to accommodate you joining the class so as not to disrupt the other attendees.  In this event, we will provide you with access to an online version of the course within 72 hours of the class ending.


If you need to cancel, you must do so no more than 14 calendar days prior to the start date of the course.  This should be in writing to our email address -  This will need to be acknowledged by us by return email and we will make arrangement to book an alternative date (subject to availability) or to make a refund which will be subject to a 20% reduction of the original payment for administration purposes.


If you cancel less than 14 calendar days before the course start date, we will provide you access to the course content as an online video option that you are able to download and view for your own personal use.  The download must be made within 14 days of the link being shared with you and will not remain online as per our standard online courses.

In the event that we need to reschedule a class, we will endeavour to give you as much notice as possible about the need to switch.  This will only be if there are events that are out of our control - such as an issue with the venue availability or due to severe weather or illness.  You will have the option of moving to the new date, receiving the online class as a downloadable alternative or a full refund by BACS to the original purchaser.  


We cannot guarantee allergy free courses, but if you require gluten or dairy free products to work with at our courses, please discuss at the time of booking.  We cannot make changes to provide 'free-from' products less than seven days before the start of the course and in this instance, it will be treated as a course cancellation.

Online digital courses
Live online classes
Please refer to Academy Terms and Conditions

Online class payment

Payment for online courses is via the PayPal system. You can pay by PayPal account or as a PayPal guest using a credit or debit card. PayPal is available in most countries around the globe. 

Payment for our one off online tutorials is currently via Square.  You can pay using credit or debit cards.  This service may not be available in all regions.  Please contact us for alternate payment methods if your country is not supported.

All credit/debit cardholders are subject to validation checks and authorisation by the card issuer. If the issuer of your payment card refuses or for any reason does not, authorise payment to us, whether in advance of or subsequent to a payment, we will not be liable for any delay or non-delivery of the Products ordered.

Purchases outside the UK
Where online orders are placed by Non-UK customers the prices displayed on Becca's Bouqcakes website will be deemed to represent the price in £ sterling. 

Products to countries outside the UK may be subject to import duty, taxes and any other State, Federal or National charges which may be imposed in the destination country all of which shall be the sole responsibility of the purchaser to pay and indemnify Becca's Bouqcakes from all such charges and any consequential costs and responsibility. We would suggest that you contact the relevant authorities in the destination country for locally specific information. Becca’s Bouqcakes shall not be responsible for any charges that may be levied due to circumstances beyond our control such as customs exam fees or any other charges outside the normal remit of Becca’s Bouqcakes. These charges apply to all Becca’s Bouqcakes products unless specifically excepted, in the Company’s website and/or any other sales literature and offer notifications.

All live sessions will run based on UK time.  Times will be published ahead of the event and will be in use GMT/BST/UTC times.  Please contact us if you require confirmation of the corresponding time in your time zone.  Live, paid for sessions will be recorded and shared in the appropriate member-only areas for replay.

Online courses purchased are only available for viewing via logging on to Becca’s Bouqcakes website. They are not available for download. Once a course has been purchased you will be supplied with an email link to register your account. You will then receive a username and password to allow you to access your course via the login service on the website. It is vital that you correctly enter your email address as this is how you will receive your username and password details. Once purchased you can view the course as many times as you choose for a 12 month period, after this time the course link may expire.

If a course is removed from sale we will you will retain access to it for a minimum period of 12 months after it is removed.

Becca’s Bouqcakes Online Courses are for individual use only. They are not to be used for teaching purposes or group viewing without the express permission in writing from Becca’s Bouqcakes. They are not to be copied or shared amongst groups of people.

Note – All courses are in English only without subtitles.

Facebook Communities
We have a variety of Facebook groups available.  The Practically Perfect Piping group is a free community to share piping advice, ideas and photos of members achievements.

There will be further groups created for the individual courses and you will be invited to the group when you have purchased a course product.  The groups will be used to support live teaching sessions and will also have exclusive content that may not be available in the free community.  We may request confirmation of your purchase before allowing admittance to the private groups.

Anyone breaking these rules will be instantly removed from the group without notice. This community is not for advertising your own or others products or for posting any material that is detrimental to Becca’s Bouqcakes business. 

From time to time, Becca's Bouqcakes may offer affiliate bonuses for certain courses.  If you are interested in the scheme, please email for further information.

Intellectual property
The intellectual property rights in the Website, including copyrights, trademarks, trade names, patents, trade secrets, work methods and processes and any other right, are the sole property of Becca’s Bouqcakes, or of third parties by whom Becca’s Bouqcakes was licensed according to law. These rights apply, among others, to any textual and non-textual information, including images, graphic design, course material, data and its processing, the Website’s computer code and any other detail concerning its operation.

You may not copy, duplicate, distribute, sell market and translate any information, including trademarks, images, pictures, texts and computer code from the Website, without receiving Becca’s Bouqcakes permission in writing.

Trademarks appearing on the Website (whether registered or not), the name of Becca’s Bouqcakes and its trademarks as well as the Website’s Domain name – are the sole property of Becca’s Bouqcakes.

We reserve the right to remove access to any online courses and access to the Facebook VIP groups if there are any breaches of Becca’s Bouqcakes intellectual property rights with no recompense.

Deactivating an unused account- we reserve the right to deactivate your account if it has not been active for a period of 24 months or more, and to remove it from the database if no communication has been received from you for a further 3 months after deactivation has occurred.

We will not be liable to you for the failure of any equipment, data processing system or transmission link and will not be liable to you as a result of any down-time which may occur.

It is your responsibility to provide accurate personal information and to update your Personal Data as necessary to keep it accurate for us to complete your order. You acknowledge that all the details you provide to us for the purpose of selling and delivering Products to you are correct and that the credit card or debit card that you propose to use is your own or that of a third party who has given you full permission and authority to use it and that you or such third party have sufficient funds to meet the costs of Products ordered. We will not store your credit card or debit card details anywhere on the Site.

It is your responsibility to ensure that your email address is current otherwise certain functions of the Site will not be available to you. We will only use your Personal Data in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

It is your responsibility to maintain the confidentiality and security of your Personal Data especially your user name and password.

You may not copy or encourage others to attempt to copy or make use of any intellectual property appearing on or any of our affliated platforms for any commercial use or in any manner which would constitute an infringement of our copyright.

The computer, internet access and system operated by you and your ability to use the same may affect your ability to purchase any Products from our Site. You acknowledge and agree that any system requirements necessary to preview, and /or view and/or purchase any Products from our Site are your responsibility. We reserve the right to suspend or terminate your access to the Site or parts of it if at our sole discretion we believe you are in breach of any provision of this Agreement. If your access has been suspended or terminated you will not be permitted to re-register or to re-access the Site without our prior consent.

These Terms will be ruled by and construed in accordance with UK laws


Becca's Bouqcakes holds Public Liability insurance and is fully registered with South Gloucestershire council.

General Terms 

All designs and intellectual property rights remain the property of Becca's Bouqcakes

We reserve the right to use images of your cake for any form of advertising including web based promotions, brochures, galleries and competitions. It is advisable that you make a copy of all documentation received from Becca's Bouqcakes for your own benefit. 

This Agreement together with Order Confirmation documents provided constitute the entire agreement and understanding between the parties relating to the order. Except as may be expressly stated in this Agreement, it supersedes and cancels all prior agreements, statements, representations, understandings, negotiations and discussions, whether oral or written, between the parties.


Each of the parties acknowledges and agrees that in entering into this Agreement it does not rely on any statement, representation, warranty or understanding made prior to this Agreement save to the extent that such statement, representation, warranty or understanding is incorporated into this Agreement.


Each of the parties acknowledges and agrees that in entering into this Agreement it has not relied on (or has been induced to enter into this Agreement by) any statement, representation, warranty or understanding made prior to this Agreement. Nothing in this paragraph excludes any liability for fraudulent misrepresentation. 

In the event that any one or more such provisions of this Agreement should be deemed to be invalid or unenforceable, such invalidity or unenforceability shall not affect the validity and enforceability of the remaining valid and enforceable provisions thereof which shall be construed as if such invalid or unenforceable provisions had not been inserted. 

The parties agree to submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts. 

Any headings utilised in this Agreement have been inserted for the convenience of reference only and should in no way restrict or otherwise affect the construction of the terms and conditions hereof. 

Becca's Bouqcakes reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions without prior notice.

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