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Our ingredients

All our cakes are baked from scratch using real butter and RSPCA-assured eggs*.  No pre-packaged mix here!

The majority of our cakes use some or all of the ingredients listed below.  If you have any questions on specific products, please do feel free to get in touch to discuss.


All our products will carry an allergen advisory label.  If you have special requirements, please ensure you discuss these at the time of placing your order.  See our Terms and Conditions for further information.

Natasha's Law

We are compliant with Natasha's law as each of our orders is bespoke and therefore we are not required to provide a full ingredients listing for every item sold.  If you do require a full list, we are absolutely happy to provide this at the time of booking.

*Following outbreaks of avian flu in the UK, ALL free range hens are now required by law to be kept in barns to prevent the risk of transmission.  Please see this link for further information.

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Ingredients listing

Allergens highlighted in bold italic font

Vanilla cupcakes and traybakes

Butter, icing sugar, sugar, flour, eggs, margarine, gel food colouring, vanilla extract

Gluten free vanilla cupcakes

Butter, icing sugar, sugar, Doves Farm (tm) gluten free flour, eggs, margarine, gel food colouring, vanilla extract

Dairy free vanilla cupcakes

Plant butter, sugar, icing sugar, flour, eggs, vegan margarine, gel food colouring, vanilla extract

Chocolate cupcakes

As above with addition of cocoa powder and dairy milk/plant milk (as appropriate)

Vegan cupcakes (dairy and egg free)

Flour, sugar, baking powder, salt, soya milk, vegetable oil, vanilla extract, white vinegar, Flora plant butter, icing sugar, gel food colouring

Layer cakes

Butter, icing sugar, sugar, flour, eggs, margarine, gel food colouring, vanilla extract, fruit jam if required

Succulent terrariums

Butter, chocolate, sugar, flour, eggs, salt, vanilla extract, icing sugar, rolled oat biscuits, bee pollen, edible dust, gel colouring, chopped nuts (optional)

Other notes

  • Free from - our kitchen contains dairy, gluten and nuts so whilst we take every precaution to remove the risks of cross-contamination, we cannot guarantee there are no trace elements.  Please discuss when placing your order.

  • Vegan bakes - most of our products can be converted to vegan - we will discuss products used with you at the time of booking

  • Gluten free

  • Sprinkles - if you require vegetarian/vegan sprinkles please let us know at the time of booking

  • Black colouring - to achieve black buttercream, we use a tiny amount of cocoa to reduce the amount of gel colour required to achieve a rich black.  Please let us know if you would prefer to not have cocoa added.

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