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Would you like to be a taste tester?

  • Do you have what it takes to become an official cake tester?

  • Can you be more objective and constructively critical the my Other Half and Mini Me?

  • Would you be willing to eat free cake in return for some honest feedback?

If so, then read on.

Whilst I have a comprehensive flavour list, every so often, something new lands here at Ladybird Cakery HQ. Maybe the idea for a flavour combo; something to meet a special dietary requirement or a new product altogether. And doing market research just with the two people who live in my house (who have voracious appetites and vociferous opinions) or with my work colleagues (who always say nice things just so I'll bring in more cake) isn't always enough research.

So I'm looking for some willing volunteers who might like to get involved with a bit of testing for me.

What does it involve?

So when I have something new to try, I will identify someone with the right criteria to receive a test cake (or cakes). This could be in the form of a mini traybake, some cupcakes or similar.

Sounds good? Now here's the boring stuff.

The cake will likely be undecorated - or may be just topped with some sprinkles or similar. The testing is all about the flavours, not presentation.

The portion size will be for two to four small servings and depends on the type of cake.

The cake will be provided at a mutually agreeable time and the tester must commit to providing feedback within a week of receipt. This may be in the form of a short questionnaire. The comments will not be disclosed publicly unless with the express permission of the tester.

The cake should not be sold on to someone else.

I may look for testers for specific cakes that would suit a vegan, dairy-free or gluten free diet however please see my terms and conditions for details on catering for intolerances. These cakes are not suitable for people with allergies and gluten-free products are not suitable for coealiacs.

I will need to collect some details about you to help me get the right cake to the right people.

The Ladybird Cakery (i.e. me/I) is not obliged to provide cake to someone who registers for testing but I will aim to distribute cake fairly amongst the people who register.

Still interested?

If you're still reading at this point, then you clearly want some free cake.

In that case I need a few details. And once you've registered, I'm happy to offer you 10% off your next order - subject to terms and conditions.

Please also view my data privacy statement.

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