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For Weddings and a Funeral

If you’re going to message me about the typo, don’t worry – it’s intentional!

My love of Eighties song titles for lesson names, blog posts and email subjects is well documented.

I’m now branching out into movies.

Because you see, I wanted to talk to you about my prices.

I have one pricing structure.

Therefore, I don’t charge more depending on the event your cakes are for*.

I have a basic price. This is adjusted depending on the size of your order (e.g. how many cupcakes or how large the cake is) and the time it takes me to create the design. A simple swirl is relatively quick to do. A multi-flower cupcake can take up to 15 minutes for me to pipe depending on the intricacy of the flowers.

If you tell me it’s for a wedding, I won’t charge you more – if it seems more expensive, it might be because the design is more detailed than I would do for my standard range of bouquets. If you want me to do you a standard bouquet for your wedding, then that’s fine too. I’ll charge you the standard price.

If you want me to deliver and set up at your event, that will cost more. Because I need to cover costs and time. It’s not because it’s a wedding, just that people ordering for birthdays or anniversaries will collect from me so there’s no additional cost. You’re welcome to collect cakes and get someone else to do the set up for you.

Same for funerals, christenings, anniversaries, divorce parties, naming ceremonies, corporate events, bar mitzvahs, mehndis….the list is endless. One set of pricing fits all.

There’s no pink tax (you know the one where things marketed for females cost more because they’re pink).

There’s no bulk discount.

In fact bulk orders often take as much, if not more time than a small order. Especially if every cupcake is going into an individual box. So you’ll pay more for individually boxed than in one big box. Honestly, there should be a degree issued for mastering the dark art of cake box construction. Hats off to those people who design flat pack boxes. They’ve clearly never had to box 150 individual cupcakes!

So whatever your event, you can rest assured that I’ll charge you a fair price.

And if you want to check out my pricing before you make an enquiry, the current price list can be found on my website.

Caking regards

Becca xo

*nor will I give you a discount for a sob story (unless it involves a dog – and even then it needs to be a really good sob story)

Still from the film four weddings and a funeral
Four weddings and a funeral (copyright Channel 4)

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