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Updated: Oct 30, 2018

First posts on new blogs are always pretty bland - mostly because the poster feels a need to write something, anything, to make sure there is a first post. They sit there thinking that nobody will probably read it. Not even their mum (which in my case is a high probability). I wrote a blog every day for a year several years ago and I guarantee a pound to a penny that she probably never read it. In fact I think she thought I was a bit bonkers that year.

Anyway, I'm just filling the blank void for now. Check back another day for something more insightful, pithy - or more likely, just as rambling.

And if you have found this and haven't done so already, follow me over on Facebook by looking for @theladybirdcakery. The first person to comment on this post and follow me over on facebook, quoting #firstblogpostminicupcakes will receive a box of twelve mini vanilla, lemon or chocolate cupcakes (must be able to collect from North Bristol, UK).

Catch you soon!

Rebecca x

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