Questions to ask your cake baker before ordering

Whether you're looking to order a cake from me or someone else, you need to make sure that the business you choose to place your order with is suitable, reliable and most of all delivers your cake with love!

A bespoke celebration cake is usually for a very special event and is a significant investment of time and resources for everyone involved. So you need to be sure that the business you order your cake from is the right one for you and that you have a great rapport with your Caker of choice.

There are some simple questions that you can ask to make sure that you will be getting what you want, quality wise, money wise, design wise, and of course cake wise. Some questions that will ensure that you won’t be getting ripped off at the end of the day. Some questions that you may not have even have thought to of asked.

So here they are:

1. Are you a registered business?

If you are ordering from a shop, this will already answer your question. However many quality Cakers work from their own homes to reduce overheads or increase flexibility. DID YOU KNOW, that to operate a food business from your home, you must have council approval?

And insurance is always a plus. You know that they are a smart business with having insurance. Asking this question may very well give you the answer if you would like to proceed.

2. What flavours do you offer?

Simple question. There are a few more options than vanilla sponge with jam and buttercream, but even so if you're paying for a bespoke cake, you want that cake to taste great so look for a baker who can offer a variety. Their vanilla cake will be outstanding if they are capable of other more creative cakes too! For reference, here's my flavour list. And yes, vanilla is my most popular flavour :)

3. Are you available for my date?

Again, simple. But this is actually a biggie. What’s the point of going through a whole ordering process, only to find out that this baker you think you have absolutely fallen in love with, is actually booked out, or away that weekend? Remember the earlier you book the better. Particularly if it's around a public holiday such as Easter or Christmas.

4. How far in advanced are you booked? (alternative to the previous)

This could give you some indication of how popular and in demand the cake business is. It will also give you an indication of when you will need to know your details by, and get in contact again to organise a quote and place your order. A Caker will also need extra time if you're looking for a highly detailed cake or need to source special components for your cake.

5. What is the ordering process?

This question can really gauge if you are dealing with a professional, a hobby Caker (which is totally fine), or someone you may want to be wary of. Most legitimate cake bakers will ask for a booking fee to secure your order. And this is because they like to cover their ingredients, materials, packaging etc costs before going out to buy any of it, just in case the customer cancels last minute. If your Caker is not asking for a deposit, or doesn’t have any terms & conditions outlined so that you can see your rights as the customer, maybe move on to another cake business.