Name that bouqcake!

Yes, yet another eighties-inspired blog title. Apologies to those of you who are too young to get it - and solidarity to all of those of you who are old enough to remember!

I've been doing this cupcake bouquet thing for quite a while now - and have wracked up hundreds of bouquets of all shapes and sizes. Early on, I decided to give the designs I loved most names so that I could share them to my gallery to be ordered again.

In today's society, it may be frowned on that the names I chose are feminine - but generally the recipients have all been female (I only know of three that have gone specifically to males - and these were early designs so have been bumped from the list as I've upskilled).

Of course, every time there is a new name to be used, I waver because for every lovely person I've met that has a particular name, there's equally someone I've met that I've outright disliked for some reason or another and so the name has gone unused (until I've gotten over myself and acquiesced that the person I like is way more important than the one I don't).

Quite often I've used the name of the first recipient - 'The Dylan' was christened after the gifter revealed a running joke she has with the giftee. It was one of my most popular designs in early 2022. Alongside is 'The Margaret' just because I loved this one and named it after my lovely grandma who had yellow roses in her wedding bouquet (as did I)

The Dylan featuring bright pink flowers and The Margaret - yellow peonies, roses, daisies and grape hyancinths.
The Dylan and The Margaret

A few have been named after friends when they've expressed their favourite colours. I had several family members clamouring for a purple design in their honour. And nobody wanted purple! Well now it's my second most popular colour - so I've got several that I've christened but not all are in the gallery (so Mother, there is definitely a Lyn and it is purple as requested).

The Emma - bright pink roses, sunflowers and grape hyacinths and The Laura blush pink roses and rannunculi
The Emma and The Laura - named for my two lovely cousins

More recently, I've introduced 'The Daphne' and 'The Paula', 'The Daphne' named for an old friend's little girl after he ordered a bouqcake to give his wife at his daughters' christening (yes the apostrophe is in the right place - they have two girls both christened on the same day). 'The Paula' after one of hubby's oldest friends who received one of my earliest bouquets back last year and I was horrified at how awful my piping was back then - so she got my very newest design for this birthday (hubby pays for them, just like everyone else!).

The Daphne featuring deep red roses, sunflowers and marigolds and The Paula featuring blush roses and fuschia protea
The Daphne and The Paula