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Help your business flourish with the Flower Power bundle - a fab set of tried and tested tools and templates that I've used in my own business and with students I've worked with.


If you're looking to supercharge your baking business, then this pack has everything you need.  There are great tools in here that will work for any business, plus a fab range of tools and templates to support you if you work with cupcakes - particularly floral cupcakes and bouqcakes.


The pack includes: 


  • Bouqcake wrapping guide £7.50
  • Ultimate guide to American Buttercream £3.99
  • Bouquet layout planner £7.50
  • Buttercream recipe and video technique £2.99
  • Cupcake and brownie recipes £2.99
  • Colour chart £1.49
  • Five Minute Business Fixes guide £3.49
  • Cake Care Postcard customised to YOUR business £7.50
  • Ideal Client Workbook £15
  • The PRICE guide £15
  • Bouquet design guide £7.50
  • Top Tips guide £1.49
  • Cupcake and Buttercream Calculator - the perfect workload management tool for busy days £12

Flower Power Pack

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