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Ever designed a bouqcake on a Post It (tm) note and then gone to recreate it, only to find you forgot what you did?


Then you need the Bouqcake Planner!

This handy pack of printable templates gives you the space to sketch out your designs and record all the details such as:

  • how many of each design you need to create
  • how you'll lay them out
  • which nozzles and colours 
  • which colours of tissue, cellophane and bow
  • most importantly how much buttercream you'll use*
  • extra notes


You can then file away the design template ready to refer to next time you need to recreate the order.


The pack includes templates for seven, 12, 19 and 24 format bouquets and comes in a PDF format allowing you to print what you need - or edit and store electronically.


* This is complimented by our Cupcake Calculator for Bouqcakes and Boxes which will help you plan how many cakes and how much buttercream you'll need to make when you're snowed under with orders at peak times.




Bouqcake Planner

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