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Create your own combination or look below for inspiration

Sponge flavours

Vanilla, Lemon, Classic Chocolate, Rich Chocolate, Coffee, Coconut, Almond, Orange, Carrot*


Buttercream flavours

Vanilla, Lemon, Lemon Sherbet, Chocolate, Nutella®, Coffee, Cream Cheese**, Black Cherry, Salted Caramel, Strawberry Milkshake, Raspberry Ripple, Chocolate Orange, Chocolate Mint, Blueberry, Coconut, Lemon and Elderflower, Pineapple, Orange Zest, Key Lime, Biscotti (almond), Biscoff®

Ganache Flavours

White chocolate, milk chocolate, plain chocolate


Apple of my Eye - the flavour of 2019 - suggested by Tracy Humphrey

Spiced apple sponge with custard buttercream and crumble sprinkles

Classic Vanilla

Vanilla sponge filled with raspberry or strawberry jam and vanilla buttercream

Classic Chocolate

Soft chocolate sponge, filled with chocolate buttercream or Nutella™ buttercream

Rich Chocolate

Fudgy chocolate cake filled with rich chocolate buttercream or ganache

Toblerone - suggested by Maria Badman

Soft chocolate sponge with Toblerone™ chunks and vanilla and Toblerone™ buttercream

Mary Cherry

Cherry-flecked almond sponge, filled with cherry jam and almond buttercream

Jaffa Cake

Rich chocolate cake filled with chocolate orange ganache

Lemonberry Drizzle

Lemon scented sponge filled with a choice of raspberry or blackberry jam and lemon buttercream

Midnight Mint

Rich chocolate cake filled with chocolate mint ganache


Mint-flecked sponge soaked with a rum and lime syrup and filled with lime buttercream


Coconut sponge filled with white chocolate and coconut buttercream and cherry jam

Rainbow Dash

Vanilla sponge flecked with rainbow sprinkles and filled with lemon sherbert buttercream

Pink Lemonade

Pink-shaded citrus sponge with a lemon sherbert buttercream - as a layer cake, this can be ombre striped

Strawberry Milkshake

Pink-shaded strawberry milkshake flavoured sponge with berry-flavoured pink buttercream

Neopolitan (layer cake only)

Classic chocolate, Strawberry Milkshake and Classic Vanilla sponges, sandwiched with vanilla buttercream

Espresso Yourself

Rich chocolate sponge filled with mocha ganache

Coffee Pecan Crunch

Soft coffee sponge filled with coffee buttercream and pecan crunch

Please note  not all flavours are available as cupcakes or Free From to ensure you get the best bake possible.

Orders for cupcakes will be a single flavour per dozen.

* Carrot cake is not available in cupcakes, only as a standard size cake option

** The Cream Cheese buttercream is cream cheese flavour as South Gloucestershire Council rules preclude me from using fresh cream or cream cheese in products unless special dispensation is obtained.


All cakes are baked from scratch using fresh, quality ingredients to ensure the best taste possible.  Unlike many independent bakeries, I do not use cake mixes so each cake is unique.  If you require a full ingredients list for your cake, please discuss at the time of placing your order.


Cakes can be covered in buttercream, fondant or chocolate ganache.  Some designs will lend themselves to a particular type of covering but this can be discussed when we finalise your design.


Trying to work out what size cake you need is a complex task.  Tell me how many mouths you want to feed and we can decide on the right shape and size combination for you.

Allergies and Intolerances 

Please view information on Allergies and Intolerances here

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