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What's in a Cake?

Updated: Nov 28, 2018

The other day, I delivered a cake and the customer was surprised by the weight of the box. Yep, great custom cake is actually quite heavy to lift. But fabulous to eat. So what exactly goes in to the average cake like the one pictured on the right?

Baby elephant gender reveal cake
Gender reveal cake - was it pink, yellow or blue sponge?

This little gem of a gender reveal cake is a six inch round, four inch high sponge filled with jam and covered in white chocolate ganache.

This translates as:

  • 1.2kg sponge cake

  • 600g buttercream

  • 400g white chocolate ganache

  • 800g fondant (cake and board covering)

  • Fondant elephants

  • A whole lotta cake love - which weighs nothing but adds to the value of everything

So roughly 3kg in total (the ribbon and box maybe add another few grams to the overall weight.

A cake like this would serve 12-14 people (depending on how generous your slices are) making each slice around 225g. Quite a lot of bang for your buck.

Another day, I'll fill you in on what else 'goes into a cake' - the consumables that don't leave my kitchen but are all needed to make your perfect cake.

And what's more, this particular cake had a secret hidden inside as it was a special, gender reveal cake. Was it pink sponge, blue sponge or yellow sponge? Hopefully I can tell when the happy day has arrived. Until then I will keep you in suspense!

Caking regards

Rebecca x

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